Online Self-Supervised Multi-Instance Segmentation of Dynamic Objects

2nd June 2014 · International Conference on Robotics and Automation

Abstract: This paper presents a method for the continuous segmentation of dynamic objects using only a vehicle mounted monocular camera without any prior knowledge of the object’s appearance. Prior work in online static/dynamic segmentation is extended to identify multiple instances of dynamic objects by introducing an unsupervised motion clustering step. These clusters are then used to update a multi-class classifier within a self-supervised framework. In contrast to many tracking-by-detection based methods, our system is able to detect dynamic objects without any prior knowledge of their visual appearance shape or location. Furthermore, the classifier is used to propagate labels of the same object in previous frames, which facilitates the continuous tracking of individual objects based on motion. The proposed system is evaluated using recall and false alarm metrics in addition to a new multi-instance labelled dataset to measure the performance of segmenting multiple instances of objects.

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Advantages of Exploiting Projection Structure for Segmenting Dense 3D Point Clouds

6th December 2013 · Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation

Abstract: Timely and comprehensive scene segmentation is often a critical step for many high level mobile robotic tasks. This paper examines a projected area based neighbourhood lookup approach with the motivation towards faster unsupervised segmentation of dense 3D point clouds. The proposed algorithm exploits the projection geometry of a depth camera to find nearest neighbours which is time independent of the input data size. Points near depth discontinuations are also detected to reinforce object boundaries in the clustering process. The search method presented is evaluated using both indoor and outdoor dense depth images and demonstrates significant improvements in speed and precision compared to state-of-the-art.

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